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Our Services

Concierge Notary, Inc. is unique in this industry. Our preferred method includes putting the client in direct contact with the mobile notary providing the requested service. We prefer that the documents be sent directly from our client to the notary through secure email.  We value our clients and our vendors and feel that direct contact is "the concierge" method of assuring a

smooth signing and that all parties are able to communicate to assure satisfaction for all participants in the closing process.


Concierge Notary, Inc. will provide a notary to travel to a requested site such as a customer's home, workplace, hospital, or at a title company or lender's office or other convenient location.


Once your order is placed, a notary will be assigned. The notary will confirm the appointment with your customer and complete the signing. When signing is complete, the documents will be checked by the notary for accuracy and proper stacking and returned to you per your instructions.

We offer services in all 50 states and are members of the National Notary Association.

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